Welcome to Les Hauts de la Cavée

Looking over the Ermenoville hills, her green shutters are to be spotted right away. Our authentic house comes alive in a garden covered by roses. It is in this green paradise that we, Hilde and Bob, love to welcome you as if it were home. Just the two of you on a romantic trip? Or going on adventure with the hole family? Boredom is unfindable in our Bed and Breakfasts dictionary.


Your room is situated in the heart of the forest. It's location seduced many tourists, looking for history and nature at it's finest. Ermenonville is the unmissable base for adventurous trips and amusement parks. Even your business trips gets this extra touch thanks to the fast access to Villepinte and Paris.


Our Address
5 rue de la Cavée
60950 Ermenoville

+33 769 44 36 65

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